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Sunday, November 12, 2006

its been a year!

i cant believe its been almost a year since our last blog here. Coming back to read this, i noticed how i miss blogging and for the first time since my loooong holiday i miss going to work...

i'll be blogging here for a while then moving to my own space sometime soon...

have a lot of catching up to do... will update soon..

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

teeny weeny dubai...

lately i have been going to this gym and bumping into an unpleasant crowd. i just avoided mingling with them by just not revealing my identity. without lying, i left them to their assumptions, and they assumed i wasnt from around here... anyway weeks went by pleasantly and i was happily exercising... until yesterday...

wearing my puma cap, waiting for my trainer, i glimpse a familiar face...
squinting from a distance, i panicked... OMG it is someone i know.... i pulled my cap down and stared at my shoes....

what to do my cover will be blown... its not someone i know personally but its someone i bump into all the time... OMG OMG...

she stands next to me, and acts as if we never met.... Pheewww 4 a moment i was relieved... she didnt know me..

then as i started my Pilates session, she stood next to me guiding me on how to do certain stretches... i faked a smile... and we chatted briefly... its either she noticed my discomfort and ignored the fact we kinda know each other, or she didn’t know its me...

either one... my cover is blown, if not yesterday it will be tomorrow... Gdamt, Dubai is tiny... cant fake an identity anymore ;)
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Saturday, February 04, 2006

bloggers block...

how funny that the 6 of us on imonaplane are suffering from a bloggers block....

lack of time? lack of @#*%(#@??? no idea... anyway i decided to break this bloggers block with utter gibberish and hopes it makes sense.... here goes nothing....

4th of Feb... arooj is 26 and one day!!! yesterday was my birthday i turned 26... (bloggers block again arooj fight it)

ok let me talk about my day from 12:00 - 12:00

3rd of FEB 12:00 AM- driving back from the Marina Walk with a friend who is visiting for a few days... i look at my cars clock its 12:00. am another year older!! i look at my friend quitely, "where is my mobile?" she digs into my bag and hands it over.

i already have one missed call and a msg, i check my msg it was my friend and her husband wishing me a happy birthday... i check my call its a dear friend... just as i was about to call back an old friend who recently jumped back in my life calls... Awww how Thweet..
great so i have 2 phone calls and a msg... its 12:20 am almost home... my family is out of town.. so what to do?

i ask my friend: "wanna come with me to visit a friend"? she raises an eyebrow and goes "ok, its your country do whatever you want"

i call up my friend giving an FYI we will be there in 10 mins... then after a struggle we spend a nice 30 mins at my friends house and then back home...

3rd of Feb 12:45:
the msg...

3rd of Feb 1:15: the reply...

3rd of FEB 3:00- AlQasr... lunch with my friend my sis and my baby nephew... my Kuwaiti friend is over excited with the whole architecture as we take a cruise in the Abra and a stroll in the souk...

3rd of FEB 6:00-
Left Madinat Al Jumeirah heading home for a quick prayer break then of to burjuman...

3rd of FEB 7:10 - Burjuman for a quick 10 mins at Swatch...

3rd of FEB 7:45- Governors house heading towards Buddha bar...

3rd of Feb 8:00- Buddha bar lounge waiting for the rest of the party to join, eating nose tingling mustard covered nuts and having some fusion drink...

3rd of Feb 9:30-
Buddha bar restaurant flipping through the menu with a pen like torch.

3rd of Feb 11:00-
Buddha Bar, the Cake and the big happy birthday song (come on guys we are not 18 anymore)

3rd of Feb 11:15- two maybe drunken but sweet ladies stop by our table to wish the birthday "person" a happy birthday...

3rd of Feb 11:59- almost home... thinking am not old... but am not a kid anymore...

Happy birthday moi!!!

Made sense? boring? anyhow just trying to nudge the bloggers block.... promise to post somthing more interesting soon...


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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

God Bless Your Soul.

I was in Kuwait the day he passed away, my brother tried to wake me up at 6 AM telling me that he passed away! and since my brother has a great sense of humor and I was so tired from the night before I thought that he was just trying to wake me up by telling me something so absurd, to get me all worried. but wait a second, he wouldn't joke about death! That's when I woke up!

We had to go to the cemetery that morning because my cousin's one year old son passed away the night before! I picked up my phone from the nightstand and found 7 messages!!! I thought how come? I slept at 4 AM! who would send me that many messages so early in the morning! and in less than 2 hours when everyone is supposed to be sleeping.. I opened them and each one of them confirmed what my brother had just told me!

I was shocked! so shocked that I was speechless.. I went upstairs to the living room and I found my parents there, standing in the middle of the room, so early in the morning.. no one said a word, but the look on everyone's face was enough to tell that the loss is big..

I was born a few years after he was named Emir of the State of Kuwait, and I just found out that 65% of Kuwaitis were born during his reign... Baba Jaber, that's what we all called him! he wasn't just the Emir.. he was our father!

Jaber has been through a lot with us, beginning with the assassination attempt by one of the neighboring countries' terrorist groups that was going to take him away from us in 1985, through the invasion of Kuwait and to the re-building of Kuwait after it's liberation.

I still remember him coming on Saudi TV when I was in my uncle's house in Khobar , Saudi Arabia telling us that Kuwait will be back, and I still remember the day I was in my uncle's house in Riyadh when he gave his speech infront of the United Nations asking the countries that love peace to help Kuwait in it's crisis, and I still remember him when he gave his second speech after the liberation thanking the leaders of the world for what they did and everyone stood up and clapped for him in respect for him! The speech was touching, enough to have been printed in every Kuwaiti's memory, every Kuwaiti remembers that speech and they all cried when he cried at the podium of the UN that day.

I've been reading a lot of articles about the father of Kuwait, in the past few days, and I couldn't stop the tears from falling whenever I read more about him! it's such a great loss. he was the model leader, Modest and Wise. Wise enough to have made the Next Generations Fund which saved Kuwait during the invasion, and wise enough to stand up behind his idea of creating the Gulf Co-Operation Council (GCC) and calling the initiative to start the United Arab Emirates which was his idea along with his brother Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan God bless his soul. and wise enough to start the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development when he was the Minister of Finance, which not only gives long term low interest loans to Arab countries but to all developing nations that required help. Modest enough to live in a less than ordinary house, modest enough to joke with the kids, and modest enough to drive his own car before the attempt on his life, he drove an old model middle class car just because he didn't want Kuwaitis to think that he's better than them, but he wanted them to know that he's an equal! he's one of them! he's the father of the Kuwaiti House!

I've been lucky to have met him in person on numerous occasions, I still remember the first time I met him when I was just a little kid. and I met him at least several times a year since that. but not in the last 4 years due to the fact that I moved to Dubai.

I've been reading a lot about him in the past few days, I thought that I knew a lot about him already! but after reading what was written, I realized that what I knew was nothing compared to what he has done!

God blessed us with this ruling family, starting from the day the Kuwaiti's chose Sabah The First, to run the day to day tasks and solve problems between Kuwaitis when the merchants were off to India and East Africa in the 1700's, to this day when Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad is recommended by the cabinet to succeed Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Salem where the Kuwaitis proved to the world how civilized they are and that we have a constitution that we go back to to solve our problems, and that the democracy in Kuwait is not just a word we say!

Now, The Parliament voted today to oust Sheikh Saad due to his critical health conditions, the cabinet nominated Sheikh Sabah to succeed him. and in the next few days the parliament would vote for or against the cabinet's choice and if they vote for Sheikh Sabah then he would be our next Emir, but if they vote against, the cabinet would have to recommend 3 candidates from the ruling family and the parliament (which is elected by the people) would vote and the one with the highest number of votes would be our next Emir!

After they do that, the same process will be repeated to nominate the Crown Prince.

Sheikh Jaber will always be remembered as the leader we all loved, he guided us through the hard times along with Sheikh Saad, and we shall always remember and respect them and wish Sheikh Saad a quick recovery.

God Bless Kuwait! God Bless Bu Mubarak!

Please click on the topic of the article to watch the speech of Khalifa Ali Al-Khalifa the editor in chief of Al-Watan newspaper during the march from Dasman (The residence of Sheikh Jaber) to the cemetery where he was burried.
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Saturday, January 21, 2006

almost a year

Its been almost a year since we last met... i wonder what the hell are you doing. i know for a fact that your somewhere "there" and probably you’re married to "them". but what the hell are you still doing there???

a funny character, whom was forced to come back home. when finally back, couldn’t wait but to go back again and that is why i suspect they are married "there"...

you're too old to be studying, and you have stayed too long to be partying... so what the hell are you still doing there?!!

you had a naughty twinkle in your eyes, a devilish yet childish smile, you acted dumb, but the lines on your face weren't numb... and that is why i suspect you are married "there"...

this blog is so silly and makes no sense, and probably sounds like a 7th grader trying to rhyme his homework...

just woke up today and you were on mind... so wherever you are may god bless and only time will decide if shall meet again or not..
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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Release of iMac & MacBook Pro

You’ve seen improvements in notebook performance before — but never on this scale. The Intel Core Duo powering MacBook Pro is actually two processors built into a single chip. This, combined with myriad other engineering leaps, boosts performance up to four times higher than the PowerBook G4 and twice times the speed of the previouse iMac. With this awesome power, it’s a breeze to render complex 3D models, enjoy smooth playback of 1080p HD video, or host a four-way video conference.
iMac will be starting from 1299$
MacBook Pro will be starting from 1999$
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Monday, January 16, 2006

Dedicated to Pink Sushi…

After reading your last blog, I thought pinki just blogged out what I have been thinking of a lot lately. I would like to quote a few of lines that sums up every “I miss my previous carefree self but simultaneously i am growing to appreciate the more nurtured and spiritually conscious me ... i'm marching through an unstable phase that beholds alot of future mystery lol i think i am getting a bit overly philosophical now lol it's just that i miss the magic ... my magic.. khair inshallah”

I miss my old magic too, I don’t know if its fading away or is it still there? Certainly cocooning in my own tree doesn’t help much to find out either, I stopped socializing unless am forced to. Other than my work, family, extremely close friends, and my bed; I have no life whatsoever. Need to break out break free and smell the “desiel” in Dubai’s crowded roads. Oh well, until then.. I will have to find out if I have lost the magic or is it still there!! Time for some hocus pocus in arooj’s huge but empty cauldron.

Quarter life crisis maybe!!!!

Cheers all.
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Sunday, January 15, 2006

and another one!!!!

it seems that the middle east has an unwanted visitor trotting around...
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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Google Video

Google Video is the world's first open online video marketplace where you can search for, watch and buy an ever-growing collection of TV shows, movies, music videos, documentaries, personal productions and more.
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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

it is true...

it is true!! we lost him....
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Saturday, December 31, 2005

New year, or just another day?!

why do we get so excited about new years? isn’t it just another day where the sun goes down and rises back again? oh well, time in general was created to organize our lives and to have something to look forward to?! each day the twilight gives us a mini alarm that the day is ending or the is just beginning. 7 of those twilights make a week and 4 of those weeks is a month. 12 months later we celebrate the New Year. Isn’t it just another twilight?!

Anyway as every year, I end up creating last minute plans which none of them work out and end up doing something totally different which surprisingly has given me a jump start towards the new year, so far!! I wonder if today will be the same as tomorrow, I wonder will it be filled with smiles, blessings, and positive energy! Or will it just the beginning to many miseries to come??!?!

Eeek the thought of it is freaking me, I’d rather it be just another day if that is the case!!! However if its not I wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR....

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Monday, December 26, 2005


just a couple of pictures i took while chilling in the Kubba bar at al qasr ... i just loved it!
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SEAGULL IS BAACCCKKK!!! i.e. meaning me...

since I don’t like to use the computer from home anymore, I have restricted my self to the office hours for blogging, email checking, e-shopping, and any other casual surfing, that is of course alongside the remaining work I do on the 'puter here.

Annnnnnywaaaay since Xmas is slow at work, i decided to take a couple of days of and relax and de-stress my stress. Now am back hoping to be ready to tackle and attack the world again.

About the title SEAGULL is back, heard an Australian guy saying it once.... never made any sense out of it... can you make sense out of it?! is it some Australian lingo that am missing?


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Saturday, December 24, 2005

America's Finest News Source

If you, like me, are having trouble locating a credible, unbiased news source, that can be trusted on sight...Keep looking and tell me if you find anything!

Anyways, this is as close as it gets

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Monday, December 19, 2005

Karting Schmarting

I have been begged, pleaded, cajoled, threatened and finally was tricked into going Karting at the autodrome. I refused, made excuses and finally when I tired of being a stick in the mud, decided to give in to my better half's boyish fantasy for a 'racer chick'- there is something exciting about it, isn’t there? For someone like myself whose never really been into either car or bike racing, every bit of the experience was fresh- read on.

Getting There:
Battling for direction signs, past the back roads of Al- Barsha, after precariously managing the gigantic-normous round about on Emirates road, we found our way to the Dubai Autodrome for the arrive and drive Karting session.

After stumbling into a huge pair of red and black overalls, I clumsily slid into my balaclava and helmet- never mind that I could barely breathe and that I had lost all peripheral vision. Bravely, I climbed into my kart meekly smiling at my better half. With all his expertise, I was given 2 instructions- “Don’t go full throttle till you’re absolutely comfortable, and Don’t be afraid’- Easy for him to say!

The karts are started and the circuit becomes my playground… I start first and feel the wind hit my face, this is the life, I’m the king of the world, racing ahead, everyone far behind... just then, one kart passes me by, then another, then another, pretty soon, all 11 Karts have disappeared into the sunset leaving me, the lone ranger on the track.

At the end of the first lap, my self esteem had to have been shattered. I always thought I was pretty tough- not on the circuit I guess. Playing mind games with myself, I begin to set myself a new target every lap, a new turn to conquer, a new bend to skid past.

By the end of the 8th lap, I had overtaken, skid more than once, almost been sidetracked, crashed into a kart, been yelled at (with shaking fists and all) and consequently had my honor defended when better half over took and side tracked the offender.

At the end of it, when the timings came out, what do you know, I wasn’t the slowest, I clocked a 1:42 and the fastest was 1:15- not only that, there were actually 2 people whose best lap times were worse than mine. Mental pat on the back to myself- I was beaming…I’m easily content like that.

My one embarrassing moment:
The checkered flag was waved to signal the last lap, I ignored it as another trifle nuisance and continued with at least 3 more laps till I realized that I was zooming around the track all on my own… Only then did I realize that the big yellow sign that said “PIT” wasn’t just for show and that you actually had to go in there when the nice man waved the checkered flag.

Where: Dubai Autodrome- Kart Drome
When: Arrive and drive sessions vary every day- call +971 (4) 3678700
How much: AED 100 per 15 minute race

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